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    Reviewer : Rob&Aom ( USA ) (24 May 2019 )

    I highly recommend Sunny. She was able to satisfy my bisexual gf to the ninth level while I was able to satisfy. Sunny is both professional, sweet, and knows how to turn you on! She has a gorgeous body (perfect tits, ass, pussy,,,the whole package)! She is worth every baht and I sincerely mean that.

    When I head back to BKK from the US, I will definitely call on her again.

    Reviewer : JimmyJ ( USA ) ( 13 May 2019 )

    What can I say about Sunny? I was lucky to stay with her for 10 days last January. She is a fantastic escort who is the best I have slept with in all my years of traveling in Asia. She is very easy to get along with and she never refused anything I asked.

    She has a beautiful body and the worlds best ass. Her oral skills are amazing and left me completely drained. When I return to BKK I will be sure to sample all the items on her menu that I missed on my last visits with her. She is by far the best escort. My dream girl. I wish I could pack her up in my luggage and take her back to the USA. See you soon Sunny you are the best.

    Reviewer : Tommy ( Isle of Man ) (15 April 2018 )

    Amazing !!! Never have I seen my wife in such a state of fulfillment, having a Threesome with Sunny really popped the corks. She was a loving, tender, kissable, lickable and downright Fuckable little Beauty. We met twice during our time in Bangkok at our hotel, it was easy for her to get my wife relaxed, who can be a bit shy at times, soft stroking and caressing leading into more seductive foreplay and lots of kissing.

    She had a bag of Toys to pleasure each other with and sooner than later the sighs and Hmm's were coming. I joined in with them and she took my Cock in her mouth and sucked on it whilst my girl tasted her love juice, Fucking followed, first my girl and then Sunny, all the time she never stopped stroking and kissing us both, One minute her tongue was probing my Ass and playing with my Balls, next she would be all over my Mrs dining at the "Y" as she calls it.

    She is also very clean and shaved down below, often nipping into the Shower to keep everything fresh too. It was a pleasure to behold as these events don't happen very often. We will be seeing Sunny again in the future when we return. Thanks Sunny. Tommy.

    Reviewer : Jimmy J ( USA ) ( 12 April 2018 )

    ​I had the pleasure of staying with Sunny for 3 days last month. She is sexy,funny and great in bed.

    I will see her again when I return to Bangkok.

    Reviewer : Lee ( USA ) ( 2 December 2017 )

    From previous reviews thought Sunny would be the right gal to relax my long term GF into enjoying an evening with another gal and it turned out just right as her curiosity about another gals body (she tried it a few years ago but chickened out after 2 minutes) was adequately fulfilled as Sunny made her feel comfortable so thank you Sunny for your abilities and all positive reviews by others are incorporated by us herein.

    Reviewer : Sam India ( 4 November 2017 )​

    ​Just met Sunny for a short time. The only regret is I wish I had booked her for longer time. She is absolutely perfect and amazing. Sunny was elegantly dressed and was particularly very well behaved. Her services are beyond expectations. Such a amazing soul she is. Would definitely love to see her next time for a longer period. Cheers to Sunny. Loads of love xoxoxo

    Reviewer: K & H  USA ( 19 February 2017 )

    My girlfriend and I just had a wonderful meeting with Sunny. She has a pleasant personality and someone we would like to experience again. Best wishes Sunny!

    Reviewer: R & T Dubai ( 26 October 2015 )

    After much wasted time with so called Bi sexual escorts we found Sunny. A true Bi sexual girl  who can make any couple happy, who can make any couples fantasies come true.

    We have been seeing Sunny for 3 years now and she makes our 3- some's complete, her attitude has always been to please the wife and myself and to try out new things we think up.

    During our 3 some get together's I have been treated to watching some exceptional action between Sunny and my wife  as both girls took turns wearing the strap on, each of them fucking the other in every position . it was good to see Sunny was a true bisexual and able to give and take. and to see my wife orgasm so many times on Sunny's talented tong was a pleasure to watch especially when the girls were in the 69 position.

    Above all  Sunny enjoyed being with us both and with my wife this was obvious and something we had not seen in other escorts . Sunny is a true bisexual and that is hard to find.

    We have been let down so many times by girls advertising themselves as Bi sexual and couple friendly who just turned out to be  money grabbing disappointments.

    Sunny was totally the opposite from the word go Sunny made us feel at ease Sunny is a true Bisexual  escort , who any couple would find perfect during  any stop over in Bangkok whether they were enjoying their first time  3-some or were already an  experienced couple ,

    Sunny is the girl to choose. We cannot wait until we see her next time next year.

    Reviewer: Brian USA ( 1 March 2015 )

    A little shy at first, Sunny soon opens to prove she is a master of bedroom antics. She is immediately responsive and the best meeting is arranged with some description of wants and desires up front.

    Her BEST quality is her genuine nature. Second would have to be her true enjoyment of a fine couple. I have enjoyed each moment immensely and only regret not being able to visit Thailand more often. Sunny even takes me to some of her favorite places to eat, local places, not expat burger pushers. But i always have her for desert.

    Reviewer: Thierry switzerland ( 1 April 2014 )

    Met her shortly after landing in Bangkok. She offered a very nice time. She's marvelous with her mouth. I like very much the curves of her body. She made me come very slowly after letting me lick her which she seemed to enjoy. I hope I will see her again when in better shape.

    Reviewer: Aussie in Bangkok Australia ( 13 November 2013 )

    Amazing session, eased my fears within minutes. Real lovely woman who wants to please you. Great body , amazing lover and a wonderful sense of humour. The only souvenir I want and cannot have. Thanks Sunny.

    Reviewer: Graham Israel ( 02 November 2013 )

    Sunny you were wonderful. I was unhappy to say goodbye. I cant wait to see you again in about two weeks. Love everything about you. XXXXX

    Reviewer: Eric Sweden ( 17 April 2013 )

    You are fantastik! Not only the service you provide, but also you are a most charming and caring lady, very warm and nice. I hope that I will meet you again! I with you all the best!   Reviewer: Bruce USA (21November2012) Met Sunny at hotel restaurant, I had asked for one day but she wound up staying with me four. I never thought of her as an escort she is a very classy lady and she was my very classy girl friend with an open mind. Our time together was very beautiful. I'm in my sixties and she made me feel thirty years younger. Everthing she says is part of her service is true. We had such a good time together, can't wait to see her in the spring.

    Reviewer: Bruce USA ( 21 November 2012 )

     Met Sunny at hotel restaurant, I had asked for one day but she wound up staying with me four. I never thought of her as an escort she is a very classy lady and she was my very classy girl friend with an open mind. Our time together was very beautiful. I'm in my sixties and she made me feel thirty years younger. Everthing she says is part of her service is true. We had such a good time together, can't wait to see her in the spring.

    Reviewer: Mr. Tim-Australia ( 16 December 2011 )

    Sunny visited me at my hotel off Sukhumvit road, in Thong Lor. She messaged me ahead of time and advised she would be a bit late as she was stuck in traffic which I appreciated. When she arrived I was amazed at the delicious creature standing before me. Getting her clothes off I was even more amazed. A beautiful pair of breasts, perfect bottom and one of the most delicious pussies I've come across. She was aware of my favorite kinks and catered to them with gusto, enthusiasm and even a smile. I mourned the passing of many baht before them into inexperienced hands.

    Sunny stayed all day and night and after a few hours sleep in the morning was happy to cater to my repeated endeavours. Sunny is class, no nonsense, understated and physically irresistable. I tipped her generously and have asked her to join me on a 3 day trip to a neighboring country in 10 days time. We had many laughs and moments which will stay with me for a long time. Thank you Sunny. Tim

    Reviewer: Maxout-Australia ( 30 April 2011 )

    After our first meeting a year ago, I was looking forward to spending time with her again when I went back to Bangkok. I was luck enough to find she was available for an overnight stay this time. Not only is she super hot in bed, she is also great company to go out with. She took me to a nightspot I never would have found on my own, and we had a fun time watching the dancing girls together - I think she likes watching them as much as I did - LOL! Thanks for a fantastic time Sunny. I am already looking forward to time with you again on my next trip back.

    Reviewer: JP/NA-France ( 13 March 2011 )

    Pour les couples de passages a Bangkok qui cherchent une rencontre avec une vraie bisexuelle, Sunny est la personne idéale.Nous l' avons rencontré 2h debut Mars. Comme convenu Sunny s'est présentée dans le lobby de notre hotel. Elle été charmante. Elle portait une magnifique robe courte, de hauts talons et été parfaitement maquillée. Grande classe....Nus sommes partis tois les trois boire un verre et faire connaissance. Le feeling été parfait Dans notre chambre sunny a pris les choses en mains. Douche hot et sex party avec ma femme.sunny avait apporté ses sex toys préférés. Sunny nous a donné du plaisir a plusieurs reprises. Mille merci a toi Sunny et prend soin de toi

    Reviewer: Christian- Austria (13 January 2011 )

    Sunny was an really perfect escort, thanks so much, on my next trip I´ll book her again.

    Reviewer: Ryan-Australia ( 04 November 2010 )

    Booked sunny 2 weeks ago. she is the best toy a grown man could ever have.she is incredible and will do whatever it takes to please you.I tried to book again a few days after but had business commitments elsewhere. I will definitely book overnight next time.thanks sunny i look forward to see you again soon.

    Reviewer: Peter-Germany ( 26 September 2010 )

    Sunny is great! Can recommend her 100%! She knows how to handle a customer.   Reviewer: Clayton-USA (11 September 2010) One great week. Not only is she sensual alone, she is a great tour guide and was able to show me more around BKK than just the hotel.One special lady.

    Reviewer: guy007- Italy ( 23 June 2010 )

    The best time ever,I have been serviced so many times from all sort of different escorts but someone like Sunny is hard to come around,she is sexy,cheerful and naughty to a degree of perfection. I had to have her a double ration of her service as only one was just not fulfill for all the emotions she delivers. Thank you Sunny for the best time ever.

    Reviewer: Maxout- Australia ( 02 June 2010 )

    With a few hours to kill during a stop-over, Sunny was happy to come to my hotel and help pass the time. What a fantastic girl - an incredibly beautiful figure, and one of the nicest asses you will ever see I am sure. She was so friendly and lovely I just wanted to eat her all up - and I did 🙂 I am now a big fan. Look forward to seeing you again next time I am in Bangkok Sunny, you delicious little girl.

    Reviewer: Luis Filipe- South Africa ( 18 January 2010 )

    Sunny was with us las 25 December. It was a perfect 3 some. Sunny could give us a lot of pleasure and realize our fantasy! ALL couples with this fantasy can believe in Sunny experience!

    Reviewer: Cheerful Max- New Zealand ( 28 November 2009 )

    Sunny is a trustworthy person, kind, respectful, friendly, beautiful and so cute... She's really hot and sexy. I've had sex with so many girls in my entire life, but I would say it with confident that: "I had the best sex ever with Sunny". She is really awesome, you wont get regret 🙂

    Reviewer: GodOfSex- France ( 11 November 2009 )

    Well, I know her quiet well. I had sex with her almost twice a month since february 2009 and I can say that she knows what she is doing.