Let's know more about me, My name is Sunny I m been doing this job since I was 23 now I m 35 ohh that's long. Now I m only doing this job no other job but I have a plan I would do this job few more years then I would stop and do something else or maybe still doing this one as a part time job only,I still love this job though it's fun meeting new people from around the world I LIKE SEE PEOPLE CUMMM I LIKE SEE THEM HAPPY FACE.

If you have met me you would know that I m not talk active person I m more like a listener and thinking person,the more I old the more I calm I don't know why HA HA but when we talk more and more you ll know I m a smart funny lady. In my work I meet tons of people listen to their problems -work problems,love problems and sure include sex problem Even I can't help them much I still want to help as listener.

I have put some stories here so you can know what I done to them when I meet clients I know some of you read it so so so many times before but some still new here and not read, some of you want more new story but sorry I won't write new one any more just let it be secret between me and my clients.

#First time#

Since I work this job I often be the first escort ( prostitute, whore you can call me what ever 😛 ) in the guy's live lol start with boys,middle aged even the old man sometimes I can't believe that their age is 50's up but never paid for sex hmmmm.... how come you guys can suffer to those sexy girls around for many years?? he he

The time before I been to the clubs,when the guys come talk with me I always say first I'm a working girl,so you ll not get free sex from me for sure some guys ok with it but some not they just said "aww I never pay for sex I m young and handsome girls like to come with me for free" then walk away look for free pussy through that club for all night ( if he lucky he can get,or some kind for girls no care for money just to have fun with young handsome white boy and another girls ll look at her and think she is cool girl ) LOL what I thought is if you can find free sex as much as you can that good for you,do it before time end,when you older no any girl ll go with you for free.

Some guys say "I prefer to pay for drinks,food,movies,shopping instead pay for sex" what is different? for me I prefer take the money and go buy what I want or save it that better than spend around for just entertain self at the moment,if guy take me to drinks,eat after that I just pee and poo out those things out,nothing left behide. Still a lot of girls they want some money but they no dare enough or just pretend they good girl LOL how often you hear the words "I'm a student I have to go school on morning can you give me some taxi fare 500 or 1,000 baht?" "WTF why taxi fare so expensive LOL " I know you would think like that,the girls no dare to say that they come with you to fuck with you for money, and you believe they are really student? what a student hang out all night through to the next morning and back with farangs then back to school later?? and if you go the same clubs again and again you still see her over there every time? or another case girls like to say"I come to this club to celebrate my friend'birth day tonight but I'm student" and if you come again and again then still see her you would wonder her friends born eavey day so celebrate every night. I would say that " congratulations!!! you got fool by Thai girls 🙂 "

For guy first time pay for sex,they are very cute for me they like boy first day in kindergarten,want to play with another kids or toys but still feel nervous he he 🙂 sometimes just touchy and run away as shy till I have to say" you pay me you can touch them all don't worry lol " often they ask" what I have to do?" I would ask back "did you have sex before? if yes do like that :)" and often too that they cum early as too excited in fist cum oh god... I done nothing much yet just play and touch around weenie lol 🙂 its ok first time we can practice then the second time ll be better 🙂

I'm glad that you guys choose me I'm appreciated it,you born as a man if you never done some stuff like this in your live once then you ll no story to talk with your man friends like real man chatting 🙂

#Story of Ass#

When I have sex with clients, I really love to lick and suck their balls,cocks,pussy and ass, especially ASS I spent time a lot to build feeling for my clients when I licked that part they ll get more horny if they allow me to put something inside it would be more fun he he :)))))

Some guys felt nervous when I touch their ass they like to say NO NOO I m not GAY!!, so I would say playing your ass as having sex it doesn't meant you gay,whenever you felt would like to suck ans taste another guys cocks that sitting next to you or passing you or want their cock inside your asshole that is DAMN GAY!!! lol

My work is to make they felt happy with their ass,actually I did this way for clients who like me gave them BJ or their cock not hard enough to fuck or not want spend energy to fuck but wan to cum,first thing I have to do is licking their balls I know it would make you felt tickle but after that it felt gooood..lol if you like that i would spent some times eating your balls yum yum then lick down and down and down to ass hole ( I wish my clients very clean before I do this,otherwise I ll be unconscious in front of your ass LOL ) if clients enjoy with this and allow me to use toys I always use my toys with their ass lol now you ll know it is amazing to play with your ass some times I fingered them gave them prostate massage while I do them BJ or HJ for them the result is they ll get hard cum,load of semen shoot out very hard and high before drop on their bodies or for someone they want to cum in my mouth or face LOL

#Hot 3 Some#

Once I got really hot 3 some with one couple, I really enjoyed it because the wife she is bisexual so I no worry that she would be afraid in me. This couple married for 3 year and just got one baby,inside her not yet recover so she cant get intercourse only can play outside her pussy.

We agreed to meet at one restaurant,got dinner then back to hotel, at first I see them they are friendly the wife she is Asian same me, cute with her nose piercing, we talked about 3some experiences what they got and I got, they said they got 3some sex just once a year when they both got suited time but quite not pleasure as the girls they met not real bisexual or still scare to do 3some,for me I did it like once a month with couple clients, not bad ??
When we got to the room,took a rest in sofa made a chat for a while then we planed what we are going to do after,she said I want to take a bath who want to join me?? then he said I want see you girls take a bath together would be great for me watching you play each other lol

When water in bath ready me and her both got into it,now we are playing like kids playing a bath but we are BIG KIDS LOL seems this bath is too small for us now,her husband pull the chair to sit in front of the bath room he got a ring side seat to watching us playing each other and in his hands holding a camera,taking photos of us he said he is amateur photographer now spent lots of time turn on-off the right in bath room in taking nice photos,till she said stop playing the light lol
We gave each other massage then I used my tiny toy on her pussy just changed new battery so it quite work well noticed from water moving around toy she said hmmm...felt so good ( when looked back to husband he enjoyed watching us one hand holding camera and the other hand holding his cock lol ) I played her for a while then she tried to do me as well and tried to lick my pussy,bath water too bitter when she licked mine she said aaaww bad teast lol so I said we do in bed better,we washed our body then move to bed room.

I lay on bed he is down to lick my pussy she watching then it is her turn,I used my toy and tongue to play with her pussy while he fingered her ass,she said it is so good hmmm..., the funny thing is I licked her pussy but mine got very wet instead lol ,I like to play with pussy same as cock I really enjoy using my tongue play around that area and all my clients knew and love it lol
While I licked her pussy her husband come to play my pussy behind then he putted his cock inside me ohhh yeah that my favorite action,got fucked while licking girl pussy made me felt soooo gooood ... no long she said I gonna cum soon he moved to her kissed,played and sucked with her breasts I try to lick faster,faster and faster non stop she shook around and with a little bit moan out I held her legs tight and licked licked and licked ..... suddenly she scream out AAHHHH....
OK now who turn? yes it his turn to cum,me and her sucked and played his cock together hhmmm.. I think a lot of guys would like to get something like this 2 girls sharing your cock he he she sucked his cock while I licked his balls then I sucked his cock then we both suck his cock each side mmm... yummy lol he said he gonna cum me and her waiting for his cum out when that CUM OUT some of it drop into my mouth BUT load of cum shoot at all over her face ( holy shit!! ) she still and said I cant see any thing help me,he said oh shit!! sorry honey I not meant to hurt you It is really hard cum, I never got it before lol he used towel clean her face they look each other and laughed out LOL

She took a shower me and him resting in sofa we talked about sex toys and he want to know how can they make me cum, I said I can play myself with toys or you can fuck me while I playing toys. He said I really got hard cum just now have to see my cock still work or not, she came out from bath room I see her eyes very red ...aaww that awful... that why I not like someone shoot cum above my nose but yeah sometimes guys not know how to control their cum and it drop over my face and eyes the first thing I would do it is SCREAM LOL and shook like a worm,I really care my eyes as I spent time a lot with my eyes for make ups and I not want man's cum to ruin it.

He tried to fuck me while I playing with my toys but his cock not hard enough so he went back to sofa and ask his wife suck his cock to made it hard she sat in front of him gave him blow job I felt I want to join them so move to lie on the floor let she sat of my face I m licking her pussy while I play my self that made me so horny I think she felt good as well because her pussy very wet some juice fell down into my mouth mmm.... he saw like that made him hard again he hurry to putted a condom but before he putted his cock in me I screamed out hhhhaaa I cum this is the first time I cum by licking pussy I got few times cum by sucking cock while doing 69 oohh yeaah I love it lol he sat down in front me and fucked me deep I told him lick his wife ass too,made she felt great with it. No long he cum but she still not cum I licked her quite long time he ran around to take photos of us doing this, I licked very fast long time till I felt tired she said you cant stop if you tired it is OK for me,so I stopped it.

Tonight we really enjoyed our 3some sex,4 hours of full sex we all got pleasure and we talked about if they come to Bangkok again we ll do it

#Just Married#

Raining again this afternoon just one hour then it stop. I got a ring last night from one guy want meet me at 5 p.m. today but when i call to confirm at his hotel, hotel's staff said there isn't any this room number and name of this man, WTF!!! I don't know why someone like to play game with me, it is so fun for you? I not gave a shit to any body why they have to gave me shits like this.
After that I got a ring from one couple want to have some fun for both of them, so we agree to meet at 5 p.m. at their hotel. I go meet them at Metropolitan Bangkok, it got very nice room and clean, at down stair outside hotel they are setting stage for celebrating new year coming. When I met them i talk to them for a while so i know that they just married and come around Asia for honeymoon, They such a sweet couple they said this first time for them so want it to be very safe,just touching no oral sex, and playing game tie and tease. We start that me and his wife stay each side of him playing his nipples and touch around his body I let they kiss each other and I play with his balls he felt so horny with that after that she start to suck him and I kiss and play his nipples, I know the man would feel so great when having 2 ladies beside you in bed he he 😛

When his cock ready I put a condom and put some lube on it and turn my back to him he start put his cock inside and fuck me while his wife hug and kiss him all the time we did like that for a while then it her turn to get fuck,she lay down and he first licked her pussy and I touched and play with her boobs then he fuck her and I use my finger play her clit she began moan softly till loudly she ask me to bring her vibrator to her,I have my own vibrator as well but when compared her more power full LOL that rabbit vibrator shook very fast, one idea in my mind that time I would like to get like that one ha ha. She use her vibrator put on her clit as her husband fucking and she felt more horny and going to come her moan loudly I down to play and suck her boobs and....aahh...ohhh she came... 🙂

Now it his turn to cum,we tie his hands and let he lay down on bed me and his wife play with him, we touch his body around play with cock and balls can felt that he so horny that time,they talk to each other all the time and kissing while touching it so sweet!! 🙂 when he felt he want to cum his wife said we play game countdown to cum,we ll count from 10 till 1 then you can cum,she gave him hand job while i play his balls and his nipples, and we countdown 10....9....8.....7....6...5...4...3....2...1...LOL he cum in time his cum run out highly and drop on his body... it is so fun!!! we took a rest a little bit then go took showers,they ask me you want to cum also i said its ok for me I no need to cum when I see my customers happy I also feel happy. I should let them rest and sleep I put my cloths on then say good bye and happy new year to them then come down to catch a taxi back home.

#School Girl vs Chupachups#

On last Monday I met one client,we have agreed to role play,me was a school girl and him was a teacher. If you saw my photos before that how I dress like school girl plus glasses and for him shirt, boxers and sock he he.. seem this class ll be very hot soon 🙂 He asked me to pretend to be virgin I said I forgot how to be virgin that long time ago LOL,he brought me to bed I sat down with my knees up he sat down in front of me moved my panty beside and began lick my pussy he licked me so good I'm really horny with that,he unbuttoned my shirt and squeezed my breast as licking my pussy ohh...it made me so feel so good,then I said I want to do 69 he said yes then lay down on me,he's licking as I'm sucking his BIG cock ...it is do BIG I try to suck it all and as deep as I can and playing his balls,I can feel his cock full in my mouth every time I suck him deep and hold it for a while he always groaned. After that I unbuttoned his shirt,put him condom then I lie down on bed,I cant believe his huge cock can get in my pussy I only felt it full inside mine mmmm...I brought my toy to play with my clit then I turn my back to do doggy style this time he spanked my ass many times while fucking me..I am a bad girl so you spank me?? lol I turn to do cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and he always spanked my ass softly and more hard,he cum the time we did spoon position he squeezes my boobs I play his balls as he try to fuck very fast .....and he cum and moaned loudly.

Now it my turn to cum he asked me how can he make me cum? I said I got my own fetish is playing with chupachups LOL every time I play with it,made me cum very hard. He licked my pussy for a while and I sucking my chupachups made it smooth,then I gave it to him he sucked it too and put it inside my pussy now my pussy so sweet lol he licked my clit moved candy in and out so fast aahhh...I gonna cum...I brought my toy to play with my clit again mmm...yes yes yes ahhh I think you know what that sound meant lol I got very cum,have to say thank you to him that made me cum so good 🙂

#A-Level Lover#

I know you guys love to do anal,for me in 3 years before I really not like that when working I not let any one play my asshole at all,I some kind of feel it dirty it you not clean it properly. I got first anal sex when I was 20 years old it is very real pain in the ass LOL that time made me scare to have anal sex again so I closed my back door since that time,for 3 years that when any one ask me to have anal sex I ll ask them back can I do to you as well?? One day I talked to some friends they said they like to so anal it made them cum quicker,I listen and try to think again how can I do with my ass??

So I decided to practice anal sex first I try with my toys it hurt for first time,I try to put lot of lube on it and think it gonna be OK soon, after I felt used to it I changed to use cucumber it is bigger a little bit this time I did faster and deeper first I felt strange then it became more fun when did faster....mmmm...oh it made me cum LOL I cum with cucumber he he
I began to do anal sex with customers,anyway if the man got too big cock I wouldn't can do it, I not want to walk like a duck walking or can't sitting in the next day LOL that look funny. Recently I met one guy he likes anal sex he asked me to dress sexy so I wore nice lingerie and stocking and a tiger dress,when he saw me first time he said I not expect you ll be beautiful...( in my mind thinking what does it meant? lol ) he walk through to hug and touch my body mmm...and say your skin is so soft and smooth then kiss all around my body,we got showering when back to bed I brought my lingerie to wear we took many photos and video clips as we having sex, he touched my boobs and kiss then go down and down ...when he saw my pussy he said you got a nice pussy he licked and played with it long time. I felt so horny with that then he asked me to suck his cock I let him lay down on bed I put one pillow under his ass so I see it clearly then I licked and played his balls down to his ass I rimmed his ass and he liked it mmm...I moved my mouth to his cock and sucking slowly,deeply he said don't make me cum so fast I want fuck your ass, he he I siad OK 🙂

Now his time to play mine,he licked all around my pussy and ass I felt so tickle when someone lick my asshole mmm..then he put my toys inside my ass I felt more tickle and got horny after that I wanna get cock inside me now...mmm...he puted condom and lot of lube first we did doggy,cant put his cock inside so I turn to lie on my back so can put his cock inside I not know how to say but it felt so gooooodddd..... he he then he lay down on bed and I did reverse cowgirl to him so he can see his cock run in-out inside my ass he hugged me and put me down on bed we did spoons action I felt want to cum my hands serching for toys to play my clit,he putted one toy in my pussy and I hold the other one play with my clit , I felt hurt when put toys deep inside my pussy so took it out he fucking my ass faster and faster I told him I m cumming ahh...ahhh...ohhh... yeahh..mmm... I laughed out and looked at him and asked him you cum too? he said yes I cum same time with you,I came in your ass lol we both took a rest for a while wait for another round LOL

On the second time is funny,he did in my ass again but this time he want to cum in my mouth I siad OK if you want,the time he gonna cum he took of condom too late his cum run down to my belly I thought it all his cum so I said ohh..too late,BUT it not all gone there is the other round his cum run out,It ran so fast and drop onto my face and nose almost reach my eyes and some it drop on my hair I screamed out aawww.. nooo.. my hairrrr.. he said oh sorry and smile to me, I said it not in mouth at all you miss lol
I not like when cum drop on my hair it ll be sticky after that,although try to clean but its smell still with you,once I thought I clean it properly but it some parts I cant find it when I back home and talking to friends they saw it and asked what is it on your hair? they point to it when I saw it ohh damn it!... I just told them it is hair jell this brand not good,look it stick on my hair I ll change to another soon ( in my head I feel so shame with it lol )

#Fetish Fun Fun Fun#

Not many times I done fetishes with clients,just few times that I m still remembered first time it happened 3 years ago, the guy he ask me something before meeting-- wear high heels and no need to clean it for do feet worship. I said OK I ll wear high heels,any way I not want my client be dead by smelling my shoes LOL so I try to find the cleanest pair when the time come I met him he always looked at my feet and said I like your high heels then said can I touch it? I said oh yeas you can,after I said he sat down to floor and began touch my feet and shoes and then smelled it I a little bit laugh out and said you like to play with feet? he said yes I love it I like to lick them too. Really? I asked him, yes I love to lick feet and shoes made me cum hard he answered and smiled to me, I smiled as well ( in my head think for me I wouldn't play with another's feet even my feet,its taste would be funny not same ice cream LOL )

He took his shirt off still wear jeans,laying on the floor now I can noticed his body got many scars from high heels I m quite wonder why someone like to make themselves got hurt before orgasm that feel good?? I asked him who made those scars he said from his wife and some girls,you not hurt? I asked him again he said no its OK I like it, then I said your wife would got lots of high heels LOL one day one color he laughed out.

I asked him what he wants me to do..he wants me to lick my feet and shoes I sat on sofa and point my feet to him he licked it all around my shoes and feet LOL I felt so tickle,laugh out many times ,I asked how the taste? good? he said yeah very good then I said if you felt something wrong tell me I can call an ambulance, he said I m OK don't worry. he licked me quite long and he put his hands inside his jeans to play with his cock I look at my shoes again it look very clean so I said you can be a good shoes cleaner LOL he smiled 🙂
Then he asked me to step on his body from head to navel I said are you sure you want me to step on your face? he said OK do it I like, I try to put my weight to the wall I not want all my weight on his face I not want to hurt him much I walked slowly from head to middle of his body and he was wanking himself no long he stopped do it so I asked him you cum? he said yes,I said huh? that is it?

We took a rest in sofa,chatted for a while,he is very nice guy to talk with just like eating ones feet LOL after that he wanted to cum one more time and he asked me to do something for him, he said I want to taste your pee, I said WHAT? you wanna drink my pee pee? He said can I? you can pee on me I wanna taste it, I said I not want to make this room and carpet dirty can I pee in a cup then give you? he said OK , I walked into toilet ( I asked my self what I m doing now he like play with feet now he like play with pee pee too ohh...LOL ) I forgot what I drank before I not sure how the taste of my pee is and not want to know it LOL I gave him what he wanted and look what he are going to do with my pee pee, he sipped it and one hand played with his cock mmm.. that is fun for him?? ( in my head said to my self aaawww scary scene ) no long he cum I not know how big or look like of his cock he not showed it too me,he said thank you I really enjoyed it you are a good girl, I smiled ( yeah you enjoyed 😛 )

Some fetishes I have done with clients like face sitting, tie and tease, wearing a blind fold as having sex it is really fun for me sometimes just a normal sex it is boring,should play some games before sex that really fun.

#How Long Can You Take#

In sexual times normally how much time you spent to orgasm?? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? or longer? For me it is quite take more time,some time I spent around 30 minutes for one cum sometime longer than that so it is hard work for ones who want to see me cum, maybe its reason as I often play with my self that why I know how to control it and want to make my self got that pleasure as much as I can.
For customers I can say Indians they cum very fast,sometimes it is tooooo fasssst... no wonder why lots of them try to ask me for discount as they cum toooooo fasssstt or they done nothing yet and that is my problems that I have with Indian clients since I started to work this job,I can say 60% of my clients they are Indian, as I m the type of girl that they like;nice face,nice boobs so wherever I stay you ll see some Indian or Arabian around me and watching what I m doing.

The man that the fastest cum I ever met he just grabbed my boobs and kissed them only few seconds then he turned to look at my face and said I cum!! I said really? that is? oh come on you not yet fuck me... he said I cant control it,it is always like this mmm... I said you should see doctors they ll help you.

Whenever I got Indian clients I ll countdown from 10 to 1 and see when the man cum and yesss.. most guys cum in 10 seconds, what it often happened after they ll blame me why I charge too much they not yet do anything and bla bla bla.... they just try to ask me for discount or not pay as I asked before that made me feel bad with them so I cut it out just stop meeting them.
Is it my fault that you cum too fast? I would like you enjoy sex with me for hours because you are my clients I have told them to practice wanking so when you have real sex you ll know how to control it not cum too early like this, it is not wrong if you ll wank yourself like 2 or 3 times a day just do it! the word that they said back it no I not like wanking I like to play with real girl.
Ok if you want that it is your decision I cant against it.

You want to know the longest cum of client I got? oh.. it is terrible waaa.. nightmare for me he fucked me full time ( 2 hours non stop ) he made bed move from one side to the other side on room almost crash with TV, if one hour or one and half I can take but this 2 hours my pussy very sore it not his cock that hurt me his cock not big at all but it is condom,rubber and fresh meat against each other for 2 hours!! awww when I felt I cant take it any more I said why you not cum it too long? he said to me that I like to fuck you if I cum you ll leave me ( in my head said that is the reason?? I m not robot cop my pussy not iron it is fucking sore!! ) so I said I know you like me but you hurt me now please stop. He stop and said I really like you I not want you go. I not want to be found in first page of newspaper on next morning--Poor young Thai girl fucked till dead so I ask him to back home I felt sick the time I walking out I said to my self I need a wheelchair I not even want any step forward can I roll on the floor? 🙁 waaaa...

#Fake or Real#

How many time you have 3 some with 2 bisexual ladies? and at last you know that they are not real bisexual just fake to made lesbians show for you, how do you feel? If I were that man I would say I got dumb better just watching some nice lesbian porns in my PC LOL
Many times I met another escorts that my clients rang them to do 3 some or lesbians show and at last I found that they not real Bi, I m quite run out of mood to fuck them I thought if you not willing to have sex with me why came here?? me and my clients want to have some fun you acted like you disgusted in me what is that??

One time I met one lady she is older than me,we not know each other before,my client told me she likes girl too so I can see you play each other ( in my head said I hope so ) me and her went to bath room together she said to me that you no need to lick my pussy, just licked above my pussy and I ll pretend to cum and I ll do to you as well and you pretend to cum can you do that? if you can do that our work ll finish fast . I pause few seconds then said mmmm....you want like that it is up to you then I say nothing,when we started to have sex my client he wanted to see me and her play each other she started first she kissed and sucked my boobs then down to my pussy she did same she said just licked above pussy no more down ( in my head said aaww I have to pretend to cum ?? that not fun... ) my client he kissed and hugged me then he moved up so I can sucked his cock I enjoyed sucking his cock, I felt nothing what she was doing with me down there, she looked at me and said OK you can cum now, I quite not want to do that but sometimes when you with work another you should get along with them I closed my eyes and pretend to moan ( in my head said WTF I m doing ,idiot!! ) she said to my client you see I can made her cum and she laughed , I laughed as well and looked at her ( What a fake BITCH!! )

Now it is my turn to made her cum she said many times don't lick down to pussy hole ( I not want to touch you as well my head said ) now I m not happy to work with girl like this I just licked her a little bit above her clit me and my client looked and played with her,she acted like she felt so horny LOL this year we know who gonna won Oscar, It is HER!! LOL my client he walked to stand be hide me and fucked me doggy style I licked her longer few minutes she scream out and said I CUM!!! he heard that sound made he cum as well.
We rested in big bed he was middle me and her hugged him,most of time she talked about having sex with girls and she really enjoy it I and him just listened to it no comment, I asked my self many times why a lot of Thai girls like to bullshit ,made stories to just made themselves look great??? that is one reason why I like to work alone, no co-worker, it is hard to believe in anyone now a days. If I can choose girl to fuck I wouldn't choose Thai girl as I knew how they are.